delirious_asian (delirious_asian) wrote,

Kagrra, Hide, Ell Dorado, Phatasmagoria

Kagrra, Mail in singles, 1000 limited
徒然なるままに (つれづれなるままに) $25
神謌 (かみうた) $25
眩暈 (めまい) $25
Great condition, with lyric card and NO scuffs or scratches on CDs!

Kagrra, demotape + sticker (恋綴魂 (ことだま), 1000 limited) $30
Kagrra, one man (2001 o-west) distru CD $50

NewS Official Photo Card (Johnny & Associates on back) $5

Hide - A Souvenir VHS - $20
Hide - 4 Photocards (some have a bit of water marks because they're glossy) - $1 each (or 1 free with purchase of 2+ items)
Hide - 8cm singles (first picture) $10 each
Hide - 8cm singkes (second picture) $14 each

Phantasmagoria DVD - Geneizo 3 ~for degradation crowd~ (limited, autographed by all members!) $45
Ell Dorado DVD - FREEDOM (sealed but there is a rip in the plastic wrap >_<) $33

more stuff at journal! email: delirious.asian[-@-)
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